Regional development

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The main challenges facing the Zelów Commune were further development of technical infrastructure and care about the natural environment. The number of water conduits, sewage system, a good quality of roads, access to electricity, telephone line and the broadband Internet combined with modern schools, kindergartens and other public institutions not only improve living conditions but also add to Zelów's attractiveness in the eyes of prospective investors, and that is why these tasks are regarded as priorities in the functioning and development of the Commune.

  • Our investments

There has been a significant increase in technical infrastructure expenses in the last few years. The fast development of infrastructure was possible thanks to external funds such as the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Hydroeconomy in Warsaw, the Voivodeship Fund of Environmental Protection and Hydroeconomy in Piotrków Trybunalski and Łódź, Łódź Voivodeship Office, Phare Rapid,Strudel, state budget, Polish- German Cooperation Fund, the Office of the District Authorities in Bełchatów, the Agency for Restructurisation and Modernisation of Agriculture in Warsaw, the Assistance Programmes for Agriculture FAPA, the Regional Centre in Kielce, the District Fund of Environmental Protection and Hydroeconomy in Bełchatów.

Large support for the investments was gained thanks to the programme SAPARD that subsidized the Zelów project of Bocianicha-Karczmy road modernization that cost 546 thousand zlotys. The whole investment cost 1.3 million zlotys and the money gained from SAPARD helped to do it faster and more effectively. Another big success of Our Commune was getting subsidiaries for the project "Reconstruction of the sewage treatment plant and construction of water supply systems with road lanes in Zelów". This venture was subsidized by the European Union and its Regional Development Department funds within the confines of the Integrated Operational Programme of Regional Development (12.269.674.23 zlotys) whereas the cost of the whole investment was 16.359.565.00 Polish zlotys). These achievements have motivated us to work more on projects which could be subsidized and which implementation would enhance the inhabitants' life standard.

Thanks to the above mentioned investments the Zelów Local Authorities mananged to perform the following tasks:

Water protection tasks:

  • 131.6 km of conduit network
  • 26.4 km of sanitary sewage network
  • 2 sewage treatment plants

Air protection tasks:

  • Modernisation of 7 boiler houses and thermal modernisation of 7 schools in the City and Commune
  • Modernisation of the municipal boiler house - in the past it used coal as the fuel, whereas now it is oil
  • Modernisation of the boiler house and thermal modernisation of the Zelów Youth Centre building

The investment in progress:

  • Construction of sanitary, rain, conduit water systems as well as reconstruction of road lanes
  • Modernization and development of sewage treatment plant
  • Implementation of electronic document circuit - e-office in The Local Authorities Office in Zelów (value of the whole project was 238.394.10 Polish zlotys out of which the sum of 178.795.58 zlotys was subsidized by the Integrated Operational Programme of Regional Development).