Our European Partners

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Zelów has had an almost 20-year tradition of partnership contacts with the Association of German Neuenhaus Communes, which in 1993 resulted in signing an Agreement of Cooperation. During this period, both the communes have been strongly involved in the transfer of experiences in all spheres of the social life. The communities of our communes have also initiated numerous individual contacts. As a sign of friendship built "Bridge Zelowski" on the Dinkel river in Neuenhaus.

The highly developed system of support for enterprises implemented by the Zelów Development Foundation has encouraged representatives of countries from all over the world to visit our region. Zelów is a partner in the projects of the governments of Japan and Denmark. Many delegations from Central Europe and former Soviet Union states come here to find new solutions and tested examples. Representatives from Kazachstan, Croatia, Albania, Romania, and other countries visited Zelów last year.

Our international contacts also include cooperation with the Dutch Communes of Beilen and Zaandam. It mainly takes the form of charity assistance offered to the poorest people in Zelów by the "NEPO" Foundation from Beilen, assistance for schools delivered by the "Stichting hulpactie Polen" Foundation from Zaandam, and assistance in organising summer vacations for children provided by the Be Bosvelda Foundation from New Amsterdam. The British city of Norfolk is our partner in the field of fire-fighting.

Zelów also remembers those who need help. Within the recent years, together with the Łódź branch of the "Polish Community" Association and the Roman-Catholic Parish in Kociszew, we have organised summer vacations in our region for children from Drohobycz and Żydaczow, Ukraine. We also organised charity help for a Polish school in Gródek on Ukrain.